Dhaneshi Chandrasekara Future Hospitality Industry Training and Development Manager Australasian Academy of Hospitality – Hospitality Education Re-defined

admin - March 29, 2019

Since the launch of the first Australian owned higher education institution in Sri Lanka specializing in Australian Hospitality Management Programs, Australasian Academy of Hospitality (AAH) has been attracting students from diverse backgrounds, Schools and cities in the country to follow the advanced diploma in Hospitality management program.

Today we feature one of the most outstanding students from Ladies College Colombo Dhaneshi Chandrasekara.

Please elaborate more about your School life and what made you select Hospitality Management?

I studied at Ladies College Colombo up to my O/Levels and soon after completing my Ordinary Levels I decided that my future career should be in the field of hospitality. It was a great opportunity that I got from Ladies College to follow the BTEC course in Hospitality Management which helped me to take the first step towards achieving my future dream career.

How did you find out about Australasian Academy of Hospitality?

After completing my BTEC in Hospitality Management at Ladies College my parents were looking for a reputed higher educational institution to further my studies in the field I chose. We came across a Social media post about AAH. My parents spoke to Ms. Erin Gomez the Manager Enrolments at Australasian Academy of Hospitality. We made and appointment and visited for a counselling session. We were given a comprehensive session on their programs and affiliation with the Australian institution.

What do you like about this industry? What caught your attention?

To me, hospitality and tourism is an industry which is people oriented and friendly where I will have the opportunity to meet different nationalities and people from all walks of life.  What caught my attention was that the Hospitality and Tourism is an industry that offers a job that changes all the time. It is a fast-paced environment where you are doing varied tasks every day. You are on your feet and moving around which helps to think, feel and react better.  Also, the fact that this industry strives to make people’s day, better and enjoyable every time you come into work.  Hospitality is all about people that is what makes this industry special.

What is the course that you are studying at AAH and what are your career objectives?

The course I am following is the Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management offered by Evolution Institute of Hospitality, Sydney, Australia.  My dream is to become a training and development manager in the hospitality industry. I want to learn about the hospitality industry from A to Z in depth. The program that I am following at AAH gives me what I wanted. The practical training and Internships in leading hotels will provide me the much-needed hands on experience about the operations of a Hotel and hospitality industry in general to achieve my future career objectives.

What impressed you the most about the AAH campus after starting your classes?

To begin with, the whole concept followed in terms of academic delivery methods is very different compared to other universities in Sri Lanka. It is more tech based which is impressive and great way to learn in a modern high-tech environment for students to adapt. Other activities followed other than the academic aspect such as taking the students out for the outings, the socializing aspect which tackles and gives a good learning experience whilst having a good time. Overall the university experience within the campus and off campus that has been created for us is amazing.

What do you enjoy the most during lectures?

As mentioned previously the lectures conducted are more one to one conversation, team work, presentations [in simple terms socializing] in terms of education which is far better and enjoyable than regular jotting down notes and reading notes.  The practical approach and the Learning out come of each unit is amazing. Most importantly the Principal Mr. James Christie who is an Australian provide us in-depth knowledge of Hotel operations and the industry.

The practical exposure for each unit has been provided accurately which has helped in terms of learning. And my favorite part so far is where the campus takes students out to lunch outings to different levels of food and beverage outlets which gives us good exposure. AAH provides the right hospitality qualification for individuals who have completed their O/Levels or A/levels you can be part of the future success story in the world’s fastest growing industry. For more information please call 0766 895 896 or 0773 22 77 95