Ricky Jude Weinman Future Food and Beverage Services Manager in the Making

admin - April 4, 2019

Australasian Academy of Hospitality – Hospitality Education Redefined

Australasian Academy of Hospitality (AAH) the first Australian Direct Investment in Sri Lanka’s private higher education sector offers highly specialized Hospitality Management programs from Certificate III to bachelor’s degree level.

In partnership with Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) one of the leading Australian Hospitality Training Institute in Sydney Australia AAH offers Advanced diploma in hospitality management in Sri Lanka with paid internships in local and overseas hotels.  BBA in Hospitality Management offered in Sri Lanka in partnership with one of the prestigious Swiss University in Geneva.

Today we feature a young and talented student who has studied in Winchester School Dubai, UAE Ricky Jude Weinman. Ricky joined AAH to follow the Certificate III in Hospitality Management and he is aspiring to pursue a career in Food and Beverage Management.

How did you get to know about AAH Academy?

Since I studied in Dubai UAE while my parents were employed there, I was searching for an institution in Sri Lanka to pursue my higher education. I came across an advertisement in the Social Media about Australasian Academy of Hospitality and I contacted them on my return to Sri Lanka.

Who helped you chose the program, was it your parents? Or by yourself?

I was very much interested in Hospitality and Tourism industry since I was in my school. Dubai being a tourist hot spot and so many nationalities living in the UAE I witnessed the strength and the importance of the industry to a country. I discussed with my parents and decided that this is the program that I should follow to achieve my dream career.

What do you like about this industry? What caught your attention?

It’s all about the weight and the quality of the service provided. Its amazing to see the employees in the industry having to do so much work but yet manage to balance their time within the different types of work that’s allocated to them. Above all it is surprising to see how the professionalism is maintained, I realized that the professionalism and service quality is achieved through training and experience gained which cannot be taken away from you.

When I learn more about the industry and the contribution that it makes to the Global Economy, I was convinced that this is an industry that will provide me opportunities locally and internationally.

What is the course that you are studying at AAH and what are your career objectives?

I started with Certificate III in Hospitality Management. This program is well structured and delivered by foreign lecturers with industry experience.  My career objective is to become a Food & Beverage Manager in a leading hotel chain.

What impressed you the most about the campus after starting your classes?

I was impressed by the teaching methods followed by the Australian and the Local Faculty which is way above any other institution. The activities we do in the class are very interesting and enhances our knowledge and skills. The presentations and gathering information to present as a group as well as individually keeps us on our toes right through out but it transforms us well to face the future challenges in my career.  AAH maintains a very friendly environment.

What do you enjoy the most during lectures?

I personally believe that the mix of Australian and Sri Lankan lecturers with many years of industry experience is giving us a very good knowledge of the units they cover. The activity-based learning is so exciting and keep us on the go right through out the program. If you are looking for a lucrative career in the hospitality and tourism industry you need the right qualification and training to achieve your dream. Join the only Australian Hospitality Management program in Sri Lanka with international paid internship, please call 0766 895 896 or 0773 22 77 95 for more information.