Australasian Academy of Hospitality Announces a Scholarship Week

admin - May 11, 2019

From 20 th May to the 25 th May 2019

Scholarships to study Australian Hospitality Management Programs are being offered by Australasian Academy of Hospitality (AAH). The week long Scholarship Examination will allow any Sri Lankan Student with local or London O/Levels or A/Levels to make an appointment with AAH and visit the campus to sit for the examination. Students with pending results also may apply.

Australian Academy of Hospitality Management (AAH)

AAH is the first Australian owned hospitality management institution in Sri Lanka. Incorporated under a BOI project with a direct foreign investment AAH offers Globally Recognized Australian Hospitality Management Qualification in partnership with Evolution Hospitality institute (EHI) in Sydney Australia. AAH programs are structured with paid internships in Sri Lanka and Overseas the first ever institution in the country to offer such value added services in terms of career development.

AAH offers Hospitality Management programs to Sri Lankan students with many affordable options such as the option to complete the entire degree right here in Sri Lanka at cost less than 20% of studying the whole program in Australia. In rupee terms a saving of around Rs. 12 million.

Secondly students have the option of completing one or two years in Sri Lanka at AAH and transfer to our partner institutions in Australia for the balance two years thus saving around 50% of the cost of studying the full program in Australia

With the paid internship program offered under “Earn as you Learn” Program AAH will place students to Leading five star properties in Sri Lanka and Overseas. Sri Lanka’s only overseas paid internship program helps students to obtain valuable work experience in Multinational global brands and expose themselves to a network which will help them to pursue a career in this lucrative industry.

Scholarships to Study Hospitality Management

AAH offers a generous scholarship scheme to study Australian Hospitality Management programs on merit basis. The process has been simplified by keeping one whole week for students and parents to visit AAH and speak to the staff and sit for the examination on their own time.  This also helps students and parents to obtain career guidance advice on what they can do with a hospitality management qualification to help their future career.

The offer is as follows.

  • Scholarship week will be held during the week 20th May to the 25th May 2019. (Monday to Saturday)
  • Call one of our counsellors on 0766 895 896/0773 22 77 95 or 0761 390 242 and make an appointment for a visit to sit for the test.
  • Scholarships from 25% grants to full Scholarships are offered for the June 2019 intake
  • Students who wish to transfer to Australia to complete the degree will be given a further grant of AUD. 2500 per year from our partner institution
  • Results will be given within two days of completion.

Who can Sit for the Scholarship test?

Any Sri Lankan student who has completed London or Local O/Levels or A/Levels can sit for the test. Maximum age limit for the Scholarship test is 22 Years.

If you are passionate about a future career in Hospitality and Tourism Industry which is the fastest growing industry in the world with growing skills gap in all major countries the time is right for you to join the industry leader and achieve your passion with a scholarship. Please call and reserve your seat for the test 0766 895 896/0773 22 77 95 or 0761 390 242 or visit