AA UniDirect opens Representative Office of Edu Pathways Group (EPS) AA UniDirect and EPS provide access to Australian Universities and Colleges

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AA UniDirect, the Student Recruitment division of the Australasian Academy (AA), announces the Partnership agreement signed between AA UniDirect and Edu Pathways Group (EPS) of Melbourne Australia. Under this agreement AA UniDirect will be the official Representative of EPS in Sri Lanka and will be providing opportunities for Sri Lankan students to access over twenty five leading Australian Universities and some leading colleges in all states of Australia.

AA is the first Australian owned higher education institution in Sri Lanka and AA UniDirect is the newest addition to its portfolio of new higher educational products launched with their product diversification strategy implemented in late 2020. AA UniDirect has now partnered with leading Universities in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States and Malaysia to offer over seventy-five university options and two hundred major areas of study for Sri Lankan students who seek direct entry to overseas universities. AA employs a team of highly trained professional counsellors who are well versed in higher education systems in the above countries and their visa processes, AA UniDirect provides end to end solution under one roof giving the ease and peace of mind to Sri Lankan students and their parents.

EPS is a Melbourne, Australia based company established over 15 years ago to provide solutions in terms of higher education, migration and employment. EPS was established by a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds in education consulting, career progression and migration services with over 20 years’ experience in their own relevant fields. EPS provides an end-to-end service that begins with sensible and informed discussions with students, their parents, and ends with taking the hassle out of the application process, getting the visas done and preparing for life at a distant university leaving students free to get on with their academic pursuits.

With AA UniDirect becoming the official representative in Sri Lanka, will provide end to end solutions for students who apply for universities in Australia. Our partnership will provide Sri Lankan students, who travel to Australia the comfort of knowing that the EPS office in Melbourne is there to assist them during the initial stage of settling down in Australia. EPS also will be able to provide career counselling and employment and migration process support once the students are graduated from their respective degree program.

Commenting on the launch of the EPS representative office in Colombo, The Managing Director of AA UniDirect Mr. Kalum De Silva stated, “We at AA UniDirect are pleased to have the official representative office of EPS Melbourne in Sri Lanka. With this partnership Sri Lankan students will have the ability to get professional higher education advice, assistance with their visa application process and also have the peace of mind that once the students are in Australia, assistance can be obtained from EPS, a service that no other provider can offer. they can access EPS services and assistance in Melbourne, and readily embark on their academic and career journey in Australia.”

“We are delighted to partnered with AA UniDirect and have our official representative office in Colombo, Sri Lankan with a long term plan to develop our brand presence in South Asia and Central Asia with UniDirect to reach and provide our end to end service for Education, Employment and Migration in the future. This is the first step towards larger and bigger opportunities that we plan to create jointly with the AA UniDirect Team,” stated Mr. Jiaming Chen Chief Executive officer EPS

Australian Government has drawn up plans to open its borders for international students and travelers from late 2021 to early 2022 which will provide international students the opportunity to pursue their higher education dream at their most preferred destination – Australia.

Students who have completed their Local or London O/Levels or A/Levels are invited to reach out to the AA UniDirect team to obtain the best advice and guidance if they wish to study in Australia. Please call 0761390246 or 0766 895 896.