Australasian Academy of Hospitality (AAH) is the first Australian owned higher education institution in Sri Lanka specializing in Hospitality and Tourism management training. AAH in partnership with one of the leading Hospitality Management Institutions based in Sydney, Australia, Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) offers quality Hotel Management and Tourism Management courses. Embedded with practical training and internships in leading Hotels in Sri Lanka and overseas. Australasian Academy of Hospitality strives to produce work ready graduates.



Girl Power in The Hospitality and Tourism Industry

The females are known most famously for the fact that they are born to take care of people and things. Females have the power of taking up so many challenges at once, and multitask all day, it is a well-known fact amongst the mankind. Globally the Statistics shows that most universities that offer Hospitality Management […]

Is your English language skill keeping you far away from Achieving your dream?

English can be a very challenging skill to develop, being part of a country where the first language is different. Well, why feel embarrassed? There are countries that have more than 200 + languages in the same country, it isn’t that hard here is it? Knowing English will help  you increasing the opportunities for you […]

Students After London O/Levels and A/Levels

Dare to Change – One Step Away from a Different You! 24th August 2019 at 9.00AM at the AAH Auditorium Are you after your London O/Levels or A/Levels? Not sure about your future career? Have been searching for an overseas qualification that will provide you a lucrative career? If so, you should read this, and […]

Hospitality Industry Networking Night at AAH

Australasian Academy of Hospitality Spearheading the Hospitality Education in Sri Lanka 25th July 2019 Australasian Academy of Hospitality (AAH) the industry leader in Hospitality Management Training in Sri Lanka held a Hospitality Industry Networking Night at the AAH Premises on with the participation of leading personalities from the Hospitality Industry, Representatives from Leading Schools, Print […]

Invest in your passion to join one of the most powerful skilled work forces in the world

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Your passion drives you to your dream. What you love about your self will lead you to a successful position in your career. As a young individual, right after O/Levels or A/Levels, wondering what to do with your life, choosing the best industry to further study about, can be challenging. The […]

Dare to Dream a Career in the Lucrative Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Find Your Ideal Career in Hospitality Management13th July 2019 at AAH Auditorium from 9.00AM to 1.00PM Australasian Academy of Hospitality (AAH) the leading Hospitality and Tourism Management Education provider in Sri Lanka and the only Australian owned Tertiary Education Institution in the country provides a once in a life time opportunity for students who have […]

The World Needs You!

Skill Gap around the world in the Hospitality Industry. The Statistics of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Worldwide The tourism and hospitality industry are one of the strongest and fastest growing industries in the world in terms of overall GDP, employment and growth. The year of 2016-2017 was excellent for the tourism and hospitality industry, […]

Australasian Academy of Hospitality Announces a Scholarship Week

From 20 th May to the 25 th May 2019 Scholarships to study Australian Hospitality Management Programs are being offered by Australasian Academy of Hospitality (AAH). The week long Scholarship Examination will allow any Sri Lankan Student with local or London O/Levels or A/Levels to make an appointment with AAH and visit the campus to […]

Dilosh Jayarathna From Trinity College Kandy Pursuing his dream of becoming a Hospitality industry Professional at AAH

Australasian Academy of Hospitality (AAH) the premiere hospitality higher education provider in Sri Lanka has been attracting many students from all parts of the country to follow their Australian Hotel Management programs. Incidentally AAH is the only Australian owned BOI approved higher educational institution in Sri Lanka offering 100% Australian Hospitality Management programs. AAH offers […]

Ricky Jude Weinman Future Food and Beverage Services Manager in the Making

Australasian Academy of Hospitality – Hospitality Education Redefined Australasian Academy of Hospitality (AAH) the first Australian Direct Investment in Sri Lanka’s private higher education sector offers highly specialized Hospitality Management programs from Certificate III to bachelor’s degree level. In partnership with Evolution Hospitality Institute (EHI) one of the leading Australian Hospitality Training Institute in Sydney […]