Girl Power in The Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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The females are known most famously for the fact that they are born to take care of people and things. Females have the power of taking up so many challenges at once, and multitask all day, it is a well-known fact amongst the mankind.

Globally the Statistics shows that most universities that offer Hospitality Management programs have a 64% of students who are females and mostly around 55% of the employees in most of the hotels are females too. This is so far a very good number. However, there may be times where women have to fall back in their career because of the traditional thinking  and myths when it comes to working hard all day and taking up huge challenges. Women in the 21st Century are different, they take up risks, learn new things, face new challenges, and have extremely high-performance skills. One other factor that makes women stand out in this industry is the fact that they pay attention to detail and for the hospitality industry it is a golden skill, as it is all about the experience, hygiene, and perfect environment that are provided to the customer.

According to surveys done among the females in the employed sectors of Hospitality, it shows a drastic difference in the managerial skills a female has compared to the males. This does not mean that men do not perform, but it does show that women are also capable as much as the men.

The way in which this helps the industry is, for example, if you take a five star hotel, and pull out the type of ambiance that’s provided to the customers, most of the time, the feedback from the clients, come from the females; of the taste of food, the comfort in the room, the lighting, the way the food and beverage was served, the way the cutlery was organized etc. The mindset of a woman can only be understood by another woman. Therefore,  when it comes to satisfying a customer that arrives in the hotel with a family, obviously you got to keep the mother/wife satisfied to rate the entire trip they have spent on.

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