Is your English language skill keeping you far away from Achieving your dream?

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English can be a very challenging skill to develop, being part of a country where the first language is different. Well, why feel embarrassed? There are countries that have more than 200 + languages in the same country, it isn’t that hard here is it?

Knowing English will help  you increasing the opportunities for you in your higher education as well as your employment one day. We are going to highlight a few points of the value of knowing English for learning purposes will brighten your future:

  1. Learning English will give you more access to the internet: An estimated population of 546 million use the internet every day, and English is the official language of the internet as well. It’s the information hub for you to surf for data for your studies and even at your workplace. How this could ease your work at university is, by helping you use the correct words while doing your assignments, understanding the questions with the right meaning, using the proper words to give out an idea in a presentation and to communicate with the lecturer about your difficulties in class, especially if you are planning to go overseas for your studies.
  2. Learning English will allow you to enjoy entertainment: Most of the world famous books, movies, drama, TV series, music and concerts are in English. If you know your English well, you will not have to rely on subtitles or translations for you to understand any of it.
  3. English is the official language of Business in most parts of the Western World: Huge multi billion dollar companies such as Apple, Samsung, eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, Airbus, and the list goes on…, use English as their mode of communication and the management of those organizations have made English their official language among their staff as well. Are you looking at working overseas after your studies? Then this should be a reason for you to start now.

English plays an important role in the education system. One can achieve success in any field because of English as the vocabulary and terminology used in different fields like technology, medicine is available in English only. Apart from schooling many competitive exams also reflect importance of English. Through these exams, the language proficiency of a candidate is assessed. They test communication skills, vocabulary and pronunciations. Therefore, we can come to a conclusion from the  given points about why English is important for higher studies.

Are you a student after OLs or ALs waiting for your results? Are you an employee of an organization waiting to improve your skill to work better among your colleagues? Are you not engaged in anything at all yet. Thinking that English would be a barrier for every step you take?

Now, is the right time to decide where to keep your first step! Start your Diploma in English at Australasian Academy in Colombo 7, starting in August. Classes available on weekdays and weekends in small batches. The lectures are conducted by an Australian Qualified professional.

The skills you will enhance upon completion of the program:

  • The correct use of vocabulary
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Writing Effectively
  • Reading for information
  • Speaking with confidence.


Contact 0761390242 / 0766895896 / 0773227795 for more information about the program, or email your details to