Invest in your passion to join one of the most powerful skilled work forces in the world

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Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Your passion drives you to your dream. What you love about your self will lead you to a successful position in your career. As a young individual, right after O/Levels or A/Levels, wondering what to do with your life, choosing the best industry to further study about, can be challenging.

The tourism and the Hospitality industry is now the trend of the youngsters, who are passionate about travelling, exploring the world, experiencing new environments and meeting new people every day.

Unlimited Career Opportunities Globally

For a graduate with a recognized qualification in this industry does not have limitations in applying to work in places where they love to spend their time.  Jobs are open in thousands of organizations in countries such as Australia, UAE, Singapore and even in Sri Lanka in the upcoming years. The reason for such a demand is the shortage of skilled candidates to fill vacancies. The demand for the field is available but the employers do not have enough qualified employees to recruit. This is where your passion would help you build your dream.

Hospitality and Tourism is not at all only about providing a service for the client. It is about you, yourself enjoying what you learn. It’s an area where you could develop your skills up to a level of being a Manager or a Trainer for the new employees in the organizations. Of course, it does require you to have the necessary experience, and the education that would help you pave your way to be a pillar of success in the industry.

Opportunities in the Industry at Large

If you may be wondering, what job opportunities that are available in this area, it’s quite a number. Starting from Hotel Management, Event Planning, Food Operations, Accommodation Management, Luxury Resort Managers, Hospitality Staff Trainers, Cruise Ship Managers and the list goes on.

We only see a smaller picture of this industry, but it’s time for you to step out of the box and realize how amazing this opportunity are. If you are a student with O/L results or pending results, wondering what to do, this is the time to figure out your dream career.

Are you looking for a career change or to enhance your skills?

It does not matter even if you are late, education is the key to success, are you looking at a career change? This is again your chance to develop your skills that would help you be satisfied in your job.

Australasian Academy of Hospitality has organized an event exclusively for the young students in school and after school, parents, employees of different sectors looking for a career change and the employees of the Hospitality Industry seeking for a qualification. Visit our campus on the 13th July at 9.00AM, learn more about our completion programs, transfer options and internships in SL and overseas.


Contact 0766895896 / 0761390242 / 0773227795 to reserve your seats. Entrance Free.

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